Descendency Chart : Sutton-Dudleys de Clonard 


Courcy, Le Teuton - Neuville - Sutton - Dudley - Sutton de Clonard - De Sotto



The Vikings Became The Normans

-3. Wigelius de Courcy

born. c. 952 - in Laon, France, and died in Courcy, France.

Sp. Lady xx (Teutonicus?)


Balderic De Courcy, alias Le Teuton, (Duke de Neuville)

Foulque De Courcy, Le Teuton alias De Bonneval.

Wigen  De Courcy, alias Le Teuton 



Wigelius was  descendant of  Charles, "Duke de Bases-Lorraine".

A Carolingian in fact.....(Genealogical sources: "Lodges Irish Peerage").

However, controversial arguments remain still open and will be hardly resolved, at present.


-2. Balderich  le Teuton (Seuton), born c. 970 in...???.     

 I Duke de Neuville.

Sp. Alix de Brionne a niece (or daughter) of Gilbert, Earl of Brionne.


Richard le Teuton (Duke De Neuville)

Nicholas de Bacqueville, le Teuton

Foulk d'Anou, Le Teuton

Robert de Courcy, Le Teuton

Balderic or Baudry, Le Teuton, Seigneur de Bocquencé, 

Wigen (Viger) le Teuton de la Pouille

Lady  Hawisia Teutonic

Sources: "Descendance illégitime du Duc Richard Ier. de Normandie" (1)


-1. Richard le Teuton (Seuton), born c. 1000 in Neuville, Normandy, called: Richard  "Le Teuton" .

II Duke de Neuville 

Sp. (unknown). Unfortunately we are unable to know  his wife name and parentage. Otherwise we know Richard had several concubines.


Gilbert - Robert - "Geoffrey FitzRobert" (*) - Richard - Alain - Hugh - and - Ralph.

 We believe  this list will be increased; it is a question of time and expert investigations. 

(*) N.B. : In French means "Geoffroy Fils de Robert"  translated to English, it results "Geoffrey son of Robert", perhaps was he adopted...... by Richard. [ Question:  ¿ is Robert and FitzRobert the same person ? ]


0. Gilbert le Teuton (Seuton), was born about 1035 in Normandy.

III Duke de Neuville

His uncle, on his grandmother's side was 'William the Conqueror', b.c.1027 - d. in Sept. 1087,  later, King of England as William I. 

Relationship: Lady Xx de Courtanneur -  

The Admiral Gilbert de Neville is considered by his descents "De Sutton" as founder of  "de Suttons Norman" saga. This had been written by several Anglo-Norman Historians (XIX & XX cent.) and also, this is a part of our very respectable family oral tradition.

B. "The Invasion"

1066 The Norman Became British

William I King of England

C'est en 1027, en la ville normande de Falaise, que je naquis de la liaison de Robert 1er, dit " Le Magnifique ", Duc de Normandie et d'Arlette, fille du tanneur Foubert. Mon grand-père paternel, Richard, n'a point voulu de cette mésalliance en raison des origines populaires de ma mère. Cette dernière était pourtant une fort jolie jeune femme

B-1. Barons de Sutton Period

The Harvey's Sutton Dynasty

1. Hervé de Sutton 1st - Lord of Sutton I,  was born about 1050 in Normandy (France), lived in Sutton, Nottingham, England and died after 1091.  

Sp. (wife): "unknown" 


Hervé de Sutton 2nd

2. Harvey de Sutton 2nd - (or Hervé) - Lord of Sutton was born about 1090, lived in Sutton, Nottingham, England and died after 1109 . 

Sp. : "unknown"


Harvey de Sutton 3rd

3. Harvey de Sutton 3rd - was born about 1105, lived in Sutton, Nottingham, England and died after 1154 .

Sp. : Elizabeth Patrick


Harvey Roger de Sutton -      First Earl of Clonard in Ireland.

4. Harvey Roger de Sutton 4th - Also called Roger the Irish - was born about 1150, lived in Sutton, Nottingham, England and died after 1195. - Earl of Clonard.

Sp. : "unknown"


Rowland de Sutton

5. Lord Rowland de Sutton, Baron de Sutton,  was born about 1195 in Aver ham, Nottingham, England and died before 1259 .

Sp. : Alice de Lexington about 1215. Alice was born about 1195. She was the daughter of Richard de Lexington and Matilda de Cauz


William de Sutton

6. William de Sutton - was born about 1215, lived in Warsop, Nottingham, England and died on 18 Aug 1267 .

Sp. : Maltilda


Robert de Sutton

7. Robert de Sutton - was born in 1241 and died on 8 Mar 1273 while living in Warsop, Nottingham, England . 

Sp. : Joanna Jane Sutton, of Allerton, Yorkshire, who was born circa 1244, and died after 1274.


Richard de Sutton

8. Sir Richard de Sutton - was born on 29 Sep 1266, lived in Warsop, Nottingham, England and died after 1346 . 

Sp. : Isabella Patrick in Feb. 1284, born in 1260, lived in Shocklache, Cheshire, England. She was the daughter of William Patrick, and Beatrice de Malpas. She died after 1290 . 


John de Sutton I

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The John's Sutton-Dudley Dynasty
9. John de Sutton I, [Baron de Sutton] - was born about 1286, lived in Dudley, Worcester, England and died before 1338 .

Sp. :Margaret de Somery, born in 1290. She was the daughter of Roger de Somery. She died in 1384 .


One of their 2 children was John de Sutton II

10. John de Sutton II, [Baron de Sutton] - was born about 1304 and died on 23 Nov 1359 in Dudley Castle, Stafford, England . 

Sp. : Isabel de Cherleton before 1329. Isabel was born about 1308 in Malpas, Chester, England. She was the daughter of Lord John de Cherleton and Hawyse Verch Griffith "Gadarn the Hardy" de La Pole. She died on 10 Apr 1397 in Dudley Castle, Stafford, England . 


John de Sutton III

11. John de Sutton III,  [Baron de Sutton and Baron de Dudley] - was born about 1329 in Malpas, Chester, England and died in 1369/1370 in France . 

Sp. : Catherine Stafford on 25 Dec 1357. Catherine was born about 1340 in Tunbridge, Stafford, England. She died before 25 Dec 1361 . CATHERINE STAFFORD ALSO WAS A MEMBER OF DE COURTENAY AND PLANTAGENET FAMILIES (SEE DESCENDENCY CHART)

Daughter of Sir Ralph de Stafford Earl of Stafford and Margaret d'Aeudley, Baroness Dudley 

Children (1):

1. John Sutton IV 

Sp. : his 2nd. wife Joan Clinton of Coleshill (1341-1386) after 1361.

Children (2):

2. Margaret SUTTON (b. 1362)

3. Elizabeth SUTTON (b. 1362)

4. Thomas SUTTON (b. 1363 - d. AFT 1402)

5. Richard SUTTON (b. 1365 - d. AFT 1420)


12. John de Sutton IV,  [Baron de Sutton and Baron Dudley] - was born on 6 Dec 1361 in Coleshill, Arden, Warwick, England and died on 10 Mar 1395/1396 . 

Sp. : Alice Le Despencer . Alice was born about 1364 in Carlington, England. She was the daughter of Phillip Le Despencer. (Spencer)

Perhaps he had a second wife called Joan Arundel .


  John de Sutton V

13. Sir John de Sutton V,  [Baron de Sutton and Baron Dudley]  - was born in 1380 in Coleshill, Warwick, England and died on 29 Aug 1406 in England . 

Sp. Constance Blount before 1401 in Worcestershire, England. Constance was born after 1373 in Barton Blount, Derbyshire, England. She died on 23 Sep 1432 in Northampton England.

 (Constance was the daughter of Sir Walter Blount, and Lady Sancha de Ayala /Spanish)


John, (VI) 



14. Sir John VI de Sutton - Clonard - [Baron de Sutton and Baron Dudley]Viceroy of Ireland in 1429. He was born on 25 Dec 1400 in Dudley Castle,  (N.B.) Staffordshire, England and died on 30 Sep 1487 in Stafford-shire.  (Buried in St James Priory, Dudley)

Sp. : Elizabeth Berkeley. Ep.c. 1422  (Desc. Of Charlemagne) born c. 1400.  She was born  in Beverstone, Gloucestershire, England.- Daughter of Sir John de Berkeley, Lord of Beverstone, Knt. and Elizabeth Betteshorne.- She died about  Dec 8th.1478. Buried in St. James Priory, Dudley.  

N.B.:Elizabeth was widowed of a first marriage with John the Cherleton (1371 - 1420)



1. Catherine  (1421 - ??)

2. Edmund de Sutton (1425 - 1483)

3. John (1427 - 1503)

4.Thomas* (c.1428 - ??)

5. Margaret (1429-1457)

6. William (1431-1483)

7. Jane  b.c.1434

8. Oliver  b.c. 1437 - 25 Jul. 1469

9. Eleanor (1439-1513)


(*)Thomas was probably born in Ireland or in Stafford, UK.

The Irish Period


B-2. Counts Sutton de Clonard Saga

John  Sutton Lord Dudley

Mother: BERKELEY, Elizabeth

15. Thomas de Sutton-Dudley    called   "The Honorable" 

       b.c. 1428  Earl of Clonard (Ireland).


Sp. Mary-Catherine Strange b.c. 1430 in Harlsey, Yorkshire.

daughter of Sir Thomas Strange, (b.1395 Harlsey - d.1462) - and -  Catherine de Neville, "Lady Norfolk" (b.c.1401 Durham - d.1478).





  1. Sources: Sutton Dudleys de Clonard Branches (Jacobites) exiled in France and Spain, Official and Private Files. French and Spanish Historical Archives and The Ulster King of Arms, Dublin 1764:

Additional  Sources: "Heraldique et Généalogie, nº 124 de Juillet-Septembre 1992 France" 

  • Or: "Familia 1990" by Kenneth Darwin, 106 pages, Copyright 1990 - Volume 2 - Nº 6 - Ulster  Genealogical Review - Belfast. ISBN 0 901 905 461.

  1. (The Strange family descents of "Guy de Bretagne" (d. 1331 France) and belonged to the Grey’s Clan in England at this time. They also were family of Roger de Somery, our ancestor, level 9).

16. Nicholas Sutton du Grand Clonard (Great Clonard) b.c.1455 - in Ireland Co. Wexford.


Sp. Margaret Hore,

daughter of  Sir William Hore of Polehore.





17. John Sutton du Grand Clonard, b.c. 1480 in Co. Wexford


Sp. Elizabeth* Cusack 

daughter of Lord Thomas Cusack of Cussington C. Meath, and Maud Darcy of Platten C. Meath - Thomas was Chancellor of ireland



*Her father Thomas Cusack was b. in Dublin and  d.c.1561, several members of his family were very often  Lords Mayors of Dublin,  - XIV & XV Cent.


18. Thomas Sutton de Clonard, b.c. 1505 in Wexford .


Sp. Margaret Hay de Hill. Daughter of William Hay de Hill.



-Luke (Lucan)



19. Luke Sutton de Clonard, b.c. 1530 in Wexford. esquire


Sp. Am Devereux.

Daughter of Thomas Devereux of Ballymagir





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20. Leonard  Sutton de Clonard,  of Wex., b. c.1570. esquire.


Sp. Margaret Rossiter de Rosclahir. 

daughter of Francis Rofsiter, Esq. of Wexford.



-John (21) ......Spanish Branch => desc.will be Condes de Clonard (1770)

-Edward........French Branch   => will be Comtes de Clonard (Louis XV)


21. John Sutton of Oldcourt-Castle, Co. Wexf.  b.c.1609 Esquire 


Sp. Ellen Devereux

daughter of Nicholas Devereux, of Ballymagir -

He had  a brother called Edward, founder of the Clonard saga in France.  (Louis XV).





22. Edward Sutton of Wexford, b.c. 1640. Esquire 


Esp. Ellen Kenny. 

daughter of Andrew Kenny of Ballyduff, Esq. of Wexford.





23. Michael Sutton of Waterford, b.c. 1668, Esquire > Marine > Shipping. 


Sp. Catherine Dalton of Kindalton. (Descendent of Pierce Fitzgerald)

daughter of Richard Dalton, Esq.  and Margaret Walsh (Valois) of Waterford.





24. Redmond de Sutton-Dalton of Waterford, b.c. 1691

Esquire (and Spanish Royal Army Officer)


 Sp. Isabel Herrera González of Cadiz.


Michael (or Miguel), 1733


C. The Spanish Period

Suttons de Clonard Saga

25. Michael Sutton de Clonard - First Count de Clonard in Spain. or Miguel de Sotto y Herrera, born in Waterford on Dec. 27th. 1733 (Spanish Navy Officer). 


Esp. Serafina Langton-Carew b. 1741 in Cadiz.


Francisca 1757

Raymundo 1759

Lorenzo 1762

Nicolas 1764

Miguel 1767


26. Raymundo De Sotto (Sutton) y Langton, of Cadiz b. 1759.

II Count de Clonard and General (Field Marshal, and Brigadier of the Royal Guards of his Majesty).


Sp. Ramona Abbach Casaviella, Marquise de la Granada b. 1759. Daughter of John Abbach. 


Mª Ramona 1789

Mª Antonia 1791

Serafín 1793

Concepción 1805


27. Serafín María De Sotto (Sutton) y Abbach, b.1793 in Barcelona (Spain) - Lieutenant General of the Royal Armies Forces, War Minister, Prime Minister, Historian, etc.

III Count de Clonard and Marquis de la Granada,


Sp. Joaquina Campuzano* b. 1798 Cadiz (* Same family as Queen Fabiola) daughter of Sir Anthony, Admiral and Minister of The Spanish Royal Navy in 1823



Raymundo 1822

Luisa 1823

Manuel 1824

Gloria 1826

Loly 1829


C.1.  Clonard-Bourbon House Period

Sutton-Dudley de Borbón Lineage in Spain.

28. Raymundo De Sotto (Sutton) y Campuzano, b.1822 - General   of the Spanish Army, Governor of Philipinnes (Visayas).

 IV Count de Clonard, and Marquis de la Granada

Engaged (before 1846....after 1862) to HM. The Queen of Spain, Isabel II de Bourbon (b. 1830 - d. 1904)



María Isabel, 1851

María Cristina Isabel, 1854

Serafín, 1856

Alfonso XII, 1857 - King of Spain.

María de la Paz, 1862

Mª Angeles, 1862


Sp. Agustina Aguilar Guillelmi, b. 1820  in Jerez . She was a Granddaughter of   Sir John de Guillelmy *  "Viceroy of Venezuela" from 1786.



Alfonso, 1858

Joaquín, 1861


N.B.: * or Guillelmi


29. Serafín Edmund Sutton de Clonard y de Bourbon b. 1856 - General of the Spanish Army.

V Count de Clonard in Spain.


Sp. Josefa Zea e Iturriría de Mahy

  Daughter of Philibert Zea de Mahy *, Admiral of the Spanish Royal Armada.


(*, Sir Nicholas de Mahy, was Viceroy of Cuba - d.1822).



M.R. Blanca, 1887-1938

Raymundo-Alfonso, 1889-1889

Miguel, 1891-1891

Isabela, 1897-1968

Joseph 1899-1901

30. María R. Blanca Sutton* de Clonard   y   Zea de Mahy   b. 1887 in Madrid, 

VI Countess de Clonard in Spain. 


She Married in 1913 Joseph A. Guijarro López  y Gonzalo del Río Ripoll de Villafranqueza, b. in  Jun. 1888 in Santander. Noble.


 From 1982 to 2002 see "The Other Lineage of de Family - Isabel de Sotto:

VI bis. Count de Clonard,  Manuel Sanchez-Puelles - 22/01/1923

VII     Count de Clonard Javier, Sánchez-Puelles  10/11/1927.

VIII   Count de Clonard, Francisco Javier Sánchez-Puelles  b. 1962


Raymond, 1914-1972

Joseph 1919-1991

Charo, 1925- alive.

N.B. : * Sutton = De Sotto


31. Joseph Vincent Cecile Guijarro De Sotto Clonard b. 1919 in Madrid 

Sp. Pilar Romanov-Holstein-Gottorp - Princess of All Russias

(Alias Torija).

Daughter of GD and Last Tsar Michel II and Nathalia His Wife.  




Ralph, 1949 - 1998


32. Joseph Guijarro Sutton de Clonard (De Sotto) -  Alive. (Spain)


IX Count de Clonard in Spain  (Royal Letter dated Dec. 2002)


Sp. Lady Frances Choquet,  - Countess de Clonard - Alive 












(1)  Notes: 

Voici la liste des 6 fils de Balderic le Teuton (selon Orderic Vital) marié à une nièce (ou une fille) de Gilbert de Brionne Comte d'Eu (petit-fils du duc Richard I et tuteur de Guillaume Le Conquérant) :

1.  Nicolas de Bacqueville,

2.  Foulques d'Aunou,

3.  Robert de Courcy,

4.  Richard de Neuville,

5.  Baudry de Bocquencé, 

6.  Viger d'Apulie.

Les 6 étaient donc descendants du régent de Normandie et étaient donc dans la lignée des Ducs de Normandie, soit descendants  à la 4e génération de Richard I Duc de Normandie.

D'après Orderic Vital, Balderich (Baudry) le Teuton était venu en Normandie se mettre au service du duc Richard II de Normandie avec son frère Wigen (Viger). Je crois qu'il avait déjà des territoires en Angleterre (à voir). Les noms de Richard de Neuville et de Gilbert de Neuville apparaissent sur le mémorial des compagnons de Guillaume pour la bataille de Hastings.
[source : La première Normandie (Xème - XIème siècles) de Pierre Bauduin - Presses Universitaire de Caen - éd 2004 - p280]

-Ordéric Vital (16 février 1075, à Atchamm en Angleterre - vers 1142 à Saint-Évroult en Normandie): moine et historien normand. Il est le fils d'un Français qui avait participé à la Conquête de l'Angleterre avec Guillaume le Conquérant, il est né à Atcham et passa sa petite enfance dans le Shropshire en Angleterre. À dix ans, il fut confié au monastère de Saint-Évroult où il passera le reste de sa vie En 1091 il devient sous-diacre, en 1093 il est diacre et en 1108 il reçoit la prêtrise. Il était copiste et on sait qu'il reproduisit l'Historia ecclesiastica de Bède le Vénérable ou les Gesta Normannorum ducum (Gestes des ducs de Normandie) de Guillaume de Jumiège. Mais il est surtout connu pour ses propres écrits, son Historia ecclesiastica au travers des quels il prétend couvrir l'histoire universelle de l'an 1 à 1142, mais l'essentiel de son texte porte sur les XIe siècle et XIIe siècle et le monde anglo-normand (France, Angleterre et Italie). Récupérée de
« »

- Balderic Teutonicus (Baudric le Teuton,, Baudry the Teutonicus, Baldricus) who had a brother Wigere (Wigen). They together traveled east to assist their friend the Duke of Normandy. They were the sons of Wigelius de Courcie, the son of Charles,  Duke of Lorraine, who was the son of Charles III, King of France, Born on 17 sept. 879 & died oct. 7, 929. 
-The PEDIGREE of Balderic (Baudry) the TEEUTON aka Baldric the GERMAN; aka Baldricus TEUTONICUS (de COURCY ?); Siegneur de BACQUEVILLE HRH William's 27-Great Grandfather. PM Churchill's 27-Great Grandfather. Louis XVII's 26-Great Grandfather. My 31-Great Grandfather. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wife: (Miss) de BENEFACTA Children: Fulk d' AUNOU ; Richard NEVILLE ; Robert (Lord) de COURCY ; Nicholas de Bacqueville-en-Caux ; three other distinguished companions of William the Conqueror ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Possible Children: Faulk d' AULNAY ; Gunnora d' AUNOU Alternative Father of Possible Children: Fulk d' AUNOU - "Descendance de Baudric Le Teuton ttirée du livre de Philippe Champy, LES COURCY, Mille ans d'histoire d'une famille Normande, par Denis THOUMINE"
-La première Normandie (Xème - XIème siècclles) de Pierre Bauduin - Presses Universitaire de Caen - éd 2004 - p280  et  p325.